“Sulfur Dioxide” is one of the songs that “Hair” cast member Sally Eaton (above) performed at Independence Mall on April 21st, 1970. She performed it again the following day, Earth Day itself, in Fairmount Park for a crowd of an estimated 40 to 60,000. Below is a radio spot that was created by legendary Philadelphia ad man Elliott Curson to advertise Earth Day, which includes a sample of the song. Philadelphia radio stations, which provided the Earth Week Committee free air time to do it,  played the spot hundreds of times every day the week prior to and including Earth Week.

Native American band “Redbone” performing for the crowd of 40-60,000 at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Earth Day, 1970. Below are the haunting lyrics to the song “Red and Blue” (written and performed by lead singer Lolly Vasquez), which evokes the image of a Native American expressing sorrow about the destruction of the environment.

Red and Blue” by Redbone
River, Tree and Mountain
Free in Time and Space
A Day in the Red Dominion
To Hunt on the Plains of Freedom
Gone is the Life that God
Meant for Me
Nothing left that’s Free
Oh! I’m Red and Blue.
Wind the smoke replaces
The Factory Wastes Fish Kill
The Eye of the Sun is Closing

In Shame at the Sight of Progress
Lost in a World That’s not Really Me.
Living on Like this Makes me Red and Blue.
Crush of Steel and Concrete
Hard and Cold NOt Warm
A Beautiful Land is Dying
What thanks to the Earth that Feeds Them
Gone is the Life that
God Meant to Be
Nothing Left that’s Free
Oh! I’m Red and Blue