Founding Members of the 1970 Earth Week Committee of Philadelphia

Austan Librach 
Chairman, Earth Week Committee

Austan Librach has had a 37 year career working for local government organizations.  He joined the City of Austin in 1986 and has headed programs for environmental protection, transportation, and resource conservation.  He is currently Director of Emerging Transportation Technologies for Austin Energy, and is heading Plug-in Partners, a national campaign designed to convince automakers that there is a market for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Edward W. Furia
Director, Earth Day and Earth Week

Following Earth Week, Ed Furia became the first administrator of the Middle Atlantic Region of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, during which he initiated the first Clean Air Act case against Getty Oil Company, which survived a supreme court test in 1972.  For the last 20 years, Furia has been CEO of AFS Trinity (previously American Flywheel Systems)—a company that has developed a 150MPG plug-in hybrid vehicle called “The Extreme Hybrid.”

Phil Simkin
Director of Exhibits, Earth Week Committee

Dennis E. Gale 
Earth Day Arrangements, Earth Week Committee

John Higgins 
City Planning Commission Liaison, Earth Week Committee

Elliott Curson 
Director of Advertising, Earth Week Committee

Dr. Nicholas Zill 
Chairman, Technical Symposia, Earth Week

Terry Hubka 
Public Symposia, Earth Week Committee

Donald L. Nathanson, MD 
Consultant to Earth Week Committee

Shell Gordon
Earth Week Chamber of Commerce Liason

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